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1 1/4 Ton

HMMV 6.2L Diesel Engine w/ Container


Local Pick-Up or Freight Shipping Only...

We have due in several used working diesel engines taken off of current use HMMV's.  These are the 6.2l engines that are being replaced by the new larger engines.  These engines will also fit several civilian vehicles including the Chevy Suburban.  Please contact your mechanic to determine if it will fit your particular vehicle.  While these engines are listed as good pulls from the govt, we cannot determine the actual mileage on the engines themselves.  As with any engine replacement in any vehicle, we highly recommend changing gaskets and seals on all components prior to installation. 

These engines come in the proper military shipping containers.

These engines are sold with a 30 day no-DOA guarantee only if installed by a licenced shop.  Sorry about that, but there are too many back-yard mechanics that don't know the difference between the exhaust manifold and an intake manifold.  I've seen people do some craxy things with a drill and a welder trying to "make it fit".

If you have any questions, please contact us.