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Shotgun Stocks

BlackHawk BreachersGrip Shotgun Stock

Mossberb, Remington, Winchester

Based on the highly effective SpecOps Stock™, this shotgun pistol grip cuts recoil in half and makes firing breaching rounds or heavy loads painless and easy. This product is so effective in reducing painful recoil that a BreachersGrip™-equipped shotgun can be used effectively onehanded, even with magnum loads. Ideal for home defense or close quarters combat, the BreachersGrip™ is available for most Remington®, Winchester®, Mossberg® and FN® series pump shotguns. Attach a sling and your shotgun is ready when you need it or out ofthe way when you don’t.

BreachersGrip™ Unique Features Include:

  • Greatly reduces painful recoil
  • Compact design for easy storage 
  • Quick to deploy

BlackHawk CompStock Shotgun Stock

Mossberg, Remington, Winchester
The CompStock™ has been received with enthusiasm by sportsmen, competitive shooters and law enforcement due to its ability to dramatically reduce recoil with light and heavy loads. Law enforcement officers, required to qualify with a shotgun, will find the CompStock™ the secret to higher scores and better field results. Hunters and competitive shooters will find their scores and hit ratios improving as flinching and recoil anticipation dramatically decreases.

Laboratory tests conclude that the improved patented recoil reducing system of the CompStock™ actually slows the entire recoil cycle down and absorbs more than 54% of the net peak recoil. Using a cam roller extension spring the CompStock™ system removes painful recoil.
The CompStock™ is the ideal choice for those seeking a recoil reducing stock in a traditional design. Packaged with a rubber overmolded forend, the CompStock™ is the perfect solution to the problem of recoil.

CompStock™ Stock Unique Features Include:
  • Greatly reduces painful recoil and eliminates muzzle flip
  • Provides ultimate shooting comfort
  • No adjustment or tuning required
  • Easy Installation
  • Superior in every way to any conventional shotgun stock

BlackHawk SpecOps Folder Shotgun Stock

Mossberb, Remington, Winchester

Based on the highly acclaimed Knoxx SpecOps Stock™, this sleek folding pistol grip stock takes the pain out of shooting magnum buckshot and slug loads, even with the stock folded. The sturdy soft-rubber coated folding wire-frame stock with integral rubber butt pad is easily folded over the top of the receiver. This allows for compact storage and increased maneuverability in tight spaces, such as vehicles, motorcycles, hallways and entryways.

The SpecOps Folder™ pistol grip contains the unique Knoxx recoilreducing mechanism. The patented recoil-reducing mechanism reduces muzzle flip in addition to taming recoil. Shooters testing the SpecOps Folder™ with Magnum Buckshot loads have found that there is very little discernible recoil in either open or folded positions, with virtually no muzzle flip. The patented Knoxx SpecOps Folder™ shotgun stock cuts perceived felt recoil by over 65%.

BlackHawk SpecOps Folder Shotgun Stock

Mossberb, Remington, Winchester
From the longest arm of the law to the shortest, the popular SpecOps Stock™ is instantly adjustable to fit any shooter. With over 4 inches of adjustment, this is a stock that the entire department can use comfortably in any application and with any load.
This patented Knoxx recoil-reducing stock will revolutionize the way you think about shotguns. Utilizing dual Knoxx recoilcompensating systems, the SpecOps Stock™ has the ability to reduce felt recoil of even the most potent loads by up to 95%. The SpecOps Stock™ makes even the heaviest loads easy for all shooters to handle!
The SpecOps’ polymer and alloy construction makes it durable, reliable and built to last. Also, the unique features and design of this pistol grip style stock allows law enforcement agencies and military personnel the ability to use their shotguns with all loadbearing and ballistic tactical vests. Designed to fit any and all shooters, and practically devoid of recoil, the SpecOps Stock™ is the most popular of the Knoxx line of recoil-reducing products. Not only is it utilizing two recoilabsorbing mechanisms to soak up recoil, it also adjusts to fit any shooter regardless of the situation or application.
Hunters and competitive shooters will find their scores and hit ratios improving as flinching and recoil anticipation dramatically decreases.
SpecOps Stock™ Unique Features Include:
  • Instantly adjustable stock to fit all shooters
  • 11.25 to 15.25-inch length-of-pull (The butt pad must be  removed to obtain the shortest LOP)
  • Perfect fit with load-bearing and ballistic tactical vests
  • Dual recoil compensation systems eliminate harsh recoil with all loads
  • Unique design cuts muzzle rise - Back on target faster
  • Eliminate shoulder fatigue and related recoil injuries

BlackHawk NRS Shotgun Stock

Mossberb, Remington, Winchester

The SpecOps NRS™ Stock brings adjustable length-of-pull at an economy price. Upgradeable to the acclaimed recoil-suppressing SpecOps Stock™, the SpecOps NRS™ can quickly and easily be adjusted to fit the largest or smallest of shooters. Its high quality construction and rugged design provide a stock that can stand up to the toughest of use. The stock is adjustable from 11.25 to 15.25 inches (the butt pad must be removed to obtain the shortest LOP.)

The SpecOps NRS™ stock is now available for use on Remington 870 series 12 gauge shotguns designated for less-lethal use. To clearly distinguish these “less-lethal” guns, the SpecOps NRS™ Less Lethal is molded in bright orange (Item # K08501.)