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SAW / M-60

BlackHawk SWIFT Machine Gun (S.A.W./M-60) Sling

  • Fully ambidextrous 3-point sling for Squad Automatic Weapons
  • Attaches to sling swivels or ring mounts using metal snap hooks
  • Comes with detachable (70gs10bk) sling pad made with .375” closed cell foam for additional comfort with heavier weapons
  • An in-line quick release allows for a quick transition from patrol carry to a right or left  shoulder firing position

Specter Gear M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)



Due to overwhelming demand for something more useful than the primitive 2 point carry strap currently in service, we've designed a special variant of the Special Operations Patrol (SOP) 3 Point Tactical Sling specifically for the M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW).

The SAW SOP Sling possesses all of the same features and functional abilities of the standard SOP Sling. However, we've added several features to meet the unique demands of this particular weapons system. First off, we've added a removable and adjustable 2" wide x 3/8" thick EVA foam shoulder pad for additional comfort. Secondly, we use heavy duty, all steel, mil-spec  snap hooks at the front and rear attachment points to interface with the existing ring mounts on the M-249, which allows the sling to be removed or attached in just seconds. Lastly, we use all steel tri-glides to ensure the weight of the weapon will not cause a hardware failure. In short, this is the most heavy duty sling system we've ever designed. 

 Photo courtesy of Co. B, 1st Bn (BFV) 185th Inf. Sgt. Aaron Briley pictured.

Photo courtesy of Co. B, 1st Bn. (BFV) 185th Inf. Sgt. Aaron Briley pictured.

SAW SOP Sling adjusted so that it hangs perfectly in the underarm firing position with the TRB locked in. Now, just hit the TRB release and you can shoulder fire with ease.

The SAW SOP Sling is an ambidextrous design. Therefore, no left or right hand versions are required.

Note: The ERB Option is not available on this sling