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Litter / Extraction Equipment

BlackHawk Fast Attack Tactical Litter Black

Designed to quickly move injured personnel even through rough terrain. The Fast Attack litter secures the patient using adjustable leg and chest straps. Four side handles, and reinforced drag straps top and bottom make this an extremely rugged and versatile litter. Rolls up into a small bundle with its own carry handle for easy storage and deployment. Not rated for high angle rescue.



North American Rescue Products is a premiere provider of emergency medical and rescue equipment. NARP products have been tested by national laboratories and both in hands-on, live exercises and on the battlefield, receiving high marks from users. NARP's products have been developed by emergency medical responders with experience in both military special operations and civilian rescue operations. A retired veteran with over nine years of active military experience as an U.S. Air Force Pararescueman, founder Bob Castellani's professional experience includes many different areas in emergency medicine (NERIMA-Paramedic) rescue operations, counterterrorism, environment survival, and management. He has been involved in equipment design and applications in many diverse areas. His experience in the evacuation and treatment of injured patients was key in the refinement of the Raven Litter design. The NARP items were developed, tested, and implementated for special operations procedures and equipment for Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and the Pararescue community.

Foldable litter sheet can always be available when needed. The two straps secure the litter around the person, and six heavy-duty handles make it easy to carry or drag to safety. Design allows rescuers to insert a 2" pike pole through the litter cover for use as a two man patient movement device. Sticks and other debris can be inserted through the outer handles for ease of holding. Constructed with non-skid, flame retardant monofilament polypropylene material highly resistant to penetration liquids and easily decontaminated with soap and water. In service with the US Military.

StingRay™ is easily washed with soap and water and is highly resistant to mildew, acids, alkalis, and penetration liquids. It weighs no more than 1.5 lbs. wet or dry.


• Folded, 12" x 12" x 2"
• Extended, 78" x 24"
• Weight, 1.5lb
• Maximum Load, 1,000 lbs.
• Black
• North American Rescue Products